Florida's FRIENDLY Club for


Instructor Victor Dumet allowing new member Nicholas Vedder pilot a Club airplane to a smooth take-off.

Nicholas getting some in-flight instruction from Victor as the Club airplane lifts into the sky.

Nicholas flies the Club airplane around the sky as Victor stands-by with the buddy box, just in case it is needed.

The Club airplane coming around to make its runway approach with Nicholas at the controls.


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From Novice to Pilot...the Usual Steps

Spotlighting new member Nicholas Vedder


  1) A Club Instructor will teach you what the remote transmitter controls do to the aircraft's control surfaces, mainly the Ailerons, Elevator, and Rudder.


  2) Try flying a life-like computerized airplane on the Club's simulator.


  3) Using the Club's Buddy Box system, a Club Instructor will be your co-pilot as

you experience actual in-the-air flight control with a Club trainer airplane.


  4) After practicing flying the Club trainer airplane enough to feel comfortable, the Club instructor will disconnect the Buddy Box from your controller and let you try a solo flight.


  5) You will taxi the airplane, roll-out and lift-off, fly around the sky, then return for a runway approach, then a descending final approach, then touch-down and roll-out.


  6) Finally, taxi back to your starting position.


  7) Congratulations! You earned your wings and are now an R/C Pilot.


to fly

Descending on final approach, good glide path and centered on the runway.

More instructions from Victor as Nicholas taxis the Club airplane after a successful landing.

With the Club airplane now on the ground, Nicholas continues to taxi it to its beginning position.



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